In this modern era, technology has made our life a lot easier. We can easily attain and achieve things that were impossible before in human history. Moreover, these technological advancements are continually updated to grant better output. Today people are living a longer and healthier life because of the advancements in the technological era. Similarly, in the vast field of dentistry, we are getting new and updated tech that enables dentists to produce a better output.
A dental implant is a major operation in the field of dentistry. It requires several technological components. However, before discussing what these technological advancements are, let us discuss what dental implants are in general.


A dental implant is a major surgical procedure that profoundly impacts some other dental treatments, such as building a crown, bridge, denture, or even facial prosthesis. It deals directly with the bone of the jaw or skull. 

Dental implants are the ideal way to replace a tooth that was lost in the process of trauma or due to health issues. A major reason for why more people are getting dental implants in Toronto is because of the growing rate of road accidents. It is strongly suggested to patients who have survived a major accident. They are an ideal solution to attaining a full jaw with healthy gums. However, there are some other methods to achieve this besides dental implants.

Dental implants in Toronto may be highly expensive; therefore, some people try to avoid dental implants by using other means such as: 

  • Fixed bridges

They are used to cover a minor gap in between the jaws. A fixed bridge is used in place of a dental implant because they help the jaw maintain its position. If a damaged tooth is not replaced, there can be issues that follow in the shape of the jaw. It will further damage other teeth in the mouth. 

  • Removable Dentures
    • The dental implant procedure is notorious for being a difficult process. Therefore, people who have reached a mature age might find removable dentures a better option than a dental implant. This allows the patient to place a whole new jaw in their mouth while eating. Moreover, a patient may remove the dentures when they are not required. 
  • Root canal 
    • This is a process that is used to replace an infected tooth. Dental implants in Toronto may require the removal of the entire tooth. However, if the base of a tooth is still healthy, then it is best to have a root canal over a dental implant.   

The entire process of getting a dental implant is extremely long; however, it has many advantages. It helps you build a better jaw and improves oral health for a long period. The process may take a few months, but the results will last for years to come.


It might be enlightening to note that people used to place pieces of seashells to support their lost teeth in ancient times. They used it as a component for their teeth as they provided a better basis for chewing. However, things evolved rapidly in modern times, and the Industrial Revolution granted us many boons that will continue to be updated. 

In the 1960s, Dr. Irwin Small created the “transosseous implant”, which was basically a flat bone plate placed under the skin. However, despite its efforts, this type of dental implant consisted of various issues and followed some challenges. Moreover, it hardly lasted for a long period of time. 

After that, Dr. Leonard Linkow created the “blade implant”, also known as the “endorses implant”. Inserting this implant was a very difficult process and dangerous as well. It involved using a large blade to inject the implant into the patient’s gums to act as an anchor. The immediate results of the process proved to be a failure and caused infection in the gums of the patient. 

However, after struggling for a long time, Dr Per-Ingvar Brånemark, a Swedish orthopedic doctor, realized that titanium has properties that allow it to fuse with the bone. Today he is known as the father of modern-day dental implants.


Today, there are many more technological advancements that have made the dental implant process easier. These technological innovations may not include a new method of using a dental implant, but they are extremely helpful in making the dental implant process easier. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Computer-guided surgery:

A dental implant procedure has never been easy. It requires a lot of study of the patient’s teeth; however, getting a proper guide that digitally shows how the implant will work is no less than a blessing. This guiding software is used to create a digital output layout of the patient’s mouth so that there is less uncertainty while the dentist is engaged in the dental implant procedure. 

  • Ceramic dental implants:

This is a new method in the field of dental implants. Ceramic tools are used instead of metallic holders in this process. They are preferred over metallic objects to avoid the risk of infection. 

  • Antibacterial coating:

A patient isn’t allowed to eat normally during the dental implant process. Moreover, the patient is suggested to keep eating from the side without the implant rather than from the side with the implant. To avoid getting the implant infected, a coating is applied over the jaw to protect against the toxic acids that are not just harmful to your natural teeth but also dangerous for dental implants. 

  • Computer-designed dental implants:

A dental implant procedure is usually hard to process, and even a slight amount of jawbone damage can cause a massive issue. However, sometimes it is also inevitable. Therefore, advances in computer-aided designs for implants allow the dentist a better chance to avoid loss of jawbone. The computer software will design a digital jawbone that is much more powerful than two-dimensional radiographs and create a better image of the concerned tooth. This will help the dentist avoid any situation where the patient’s jawbone is at risk.

These are some of the new technological advancements that have been made in dental implant procedures. If you are looking for a dental implant procedure that uses the latest technology, visit Yorkville Dentist today and book your appointment for your Toronto dental implant today.